Trevor & Stormy | Sweet Home, TX

Let me tell you about this girl right here.

Stormy was my (Melaina) roommate my final year of college, and though that year was a stressful haze of 18 hours of classes a semester and being way over-committed, I have some super fun memories with her. Like how Stormy sewed individual slip covers for every cushion on our ugly old couch to make our space more beautiful. How she let me draw her portrait for one of my theater class assignments and didn't laugh in my face when it looked like a 2nd grader had drawn her picture. And I will forever be grateful to her for introducing me to all six glorious hours of the BBC's Pride and Prejudice with Mr. Colin Firth.

Over the years since college we've seen each other occasionally but mostly remained connected through social media. Then one day we received an email from Stormy, asking if we'd be interested in shooting her wedding to her love, Trevor.

Um, YES!

Trevor and Stormy's wedding was beautiful and fun and so them. They were married in the breath-taking Catholic church they had attended as children in their hometown of Sweet Home, Texas. For the first half of their reception, they honored their Czech roots with trays and trays of kolaches and a polka band (A POLKA BAND!). And they danced the night away with their friends before driving off to their new life together.

Congratulations once again, Mr. and Mrs. Seekamp. Thank you so much for the honor of telling this chapter of your love story.  It was a blast!