Sweet Lucy and her family | Waco, TX

Everyone's life is a story, a beautiful story filled with twists and turns. The MAIN reason we love to photograph people at significant moments in their stories is the same reason we return over and over again to our favorite novels or films. When a story is good, you want to return to it again and again. Our sessions with families, or brides, or engaged couples are more than just "taking pictures," it's how we give our clients a way to return to the pivotal moments of their stories. 

And when a new character enters a story, that's worth documenting and returning to again.

We got to know Mark and Emily at our church here in Waco, Tx. They are such a great, loving couple, with an adorable little boy, and were adding a little princess to the mix. When it got near time for Lucy to make her entrance into the world, Emily asked me if I'd be willing to do a session for them to capture sweet Lucy in the wonderful newborn stage.

I was honored.

As a mom myself, I don't remember much of the newborn stage and what I do remember is covered in a hazy fog due to many sleepless nights. But when I see pictures of our girls, I'm taken back to those moments and marvel at how little they once were. To be able to capture some moments for Emily and Mark to look back on and remember how little their littles once were was a great privilege I didn't take lightly.

Lucky for me, they were such rock stars that it wasn't hard at all to capture such sweet moments for them. 

Welcome to the world, sweet Lucy. It's a wonderful place.