The Murrell Family | Woodway, TX

There's something about a family with lots of boys that I (Melaina) find so intriguing. Growing up, my one younger brother was far outnumbered by his three sisters. He often complained about being in an estrogen-filled house. Jason and I also only have two daughters, so the boy in our house is out-numbered 3 to 1. Being around a family of lots of boys is foreign territory for me.

But it's oh so fun! Their energy is infectious. Their spirits are playful. And they love to move. 

The Murrell family did not disappoint. Their three sons were balls of energy, and you could tell their home was a lively one. In all the fun, though, one of the touching things was to see how they loved on their baby sister. She is in the early stages of walking, and they were eager to help her. They would give her hugs when I was posing them. And even though she may grow up out-numbered, you could just tell she was going to have three older brothers who loved and protected her throughout her life. 

Thank you, Murrell family, for letting me capture this time in your family's life. It was a joy to be with you in the bluebonnets.