The Orris Family | Waco Family Photography

It's always a delight and honor to shoot a family portrait session. We don't take the charge lightly, because we know we are providing this family with an immortalized snapshot of this particular moment in this particular chapter of their family's story. 

It's especially a privilege when we're given the task of shooting multiple generations of a family together. There's something heart-warming when grandparents join in the family session. Seeing the relationship between the grandparents and their adult children, witnessing how the grandparents love on their grandchildren, it reminds me of the continual line of a family and how generations care for one another to preserve the family unit.

Shooting this family was no exception. The closeness between Jeri and her mother, Debbie, was obvious. You could tell they had a deep relationship. It was even more apparent the close relationship between these four little boys and their grandparents. You could see right away there was an ease and familiarity there built on ample time with grandma.

And those boys were such sweethearts. They played together so well while exploring our shooting location, making sure to watch out for their little brothers. While walking back from one location, the little blonde ran up beside me and requested to hold my hand. And the oldest picked some wildflowers for his girlfriend, but then at the end gave his Mama and me one each. Hand-holding and flowers all in one shoot? They sure made this photographer feel special. 

It was such an honor working with you, Orris family. Thank you for letting us tell your story.