Team Jason & Melaina

I (Melaina) once read a book where the author wrote how she and her husband viewed their relationship as a team of equals, and how they approached everything they did in a united front. They had such a team mentality that when they worked hard together on a project or divide and conquered household chores, they would exclaim, "Go Team Dan and Rachel!" and then give each other high fives. I started half-jokingly using the exclamation, "Go Team Jason and Melaina!" whenever Jason and I worked together on something, and Jason begrudgingly usually gave me a high five.

And then we rebranded Jason Hagerup Photography into Jason & Melaina Photography, and became a husband and wife team of wedding photographers serving Waco and Central Texas. 

Suddenly exclaiming "Go Team Jason and Melaina!" didn't seem so silly anymore.

When we work together on a wedding, it makes our work flow so much better having this foundation of a team mentality ingrained in our psyche. We know who is getting the standard shots, and who is getting creative and reactionary shots. We have the ability to say, "I want to try something," and have complete trust in one another to let ourselves be creative. 

One of us will think it's important to get the detail of a bride's mother lacing up the back of her dress, and the other will think it's important to get the bride's reaction in the mirror as she sees herself in her bridal gown on her wedding day. And without coordinating it, we capture those moments and only realize after the wedding how great it was we were both in the right place at the right time for those shots. 

Now at the end of a wedding day or a portrait session, it's such a great moment to look at one another and say, "Go Team Jason and Melaina!" 


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