Philip | Waco Newborn Photography

There's something so special, so sacred, when a family of two becomes a family of three. Everything a couple has known about themselves, both as individual people and as part of a united whole, is radically altered in the most magical way. Your deep sense of self is pushed to the limits as you learn and grow and stretch into these new titles of mom and dad and parents.

Yet the tragedy of this profound shifting is that most of us who have traveled this journey don't realize what we've walked through until it is past us. We try to recall what it was like to birth and bring home that first little bundle of joy, and if we're honest, all we come up with are a few memories clouded in a large hazy blur of extreme exhaustion. Those late night feedings, surges of hormones, and avalanche of new information and worry which take over the brain leave very little room for permanent soul-shaping memories to be stored. One day you look around and realize you're a mother (or a father) and have been for quite some time, and you can't remember exactly how you became this new version of your self.

That's why I always hold it as such an honor to be invited into a family's home for a lifestyle newborn photography session, to document this special transition of two to three. By stepping back and capturing beautiful moments of a mama and daddy with their new little one, I'm tasked with the sacred role of memory-maker, recording this sweet time for the parents to look back on and REMEMBER.

When Kaitlin and Nathan asked me to come document sweet Philip joining their family, I was once again reminded of this amazing transition from life before parenthood and life after. As I watched Kaitlin and Nathan console Philip, as we talked about sleep schedules and nursing and spit-up, as Kaitlin's parents washed dishes and prepped for dinner in the kitchen, I had flashbacks of my own baptism into motherhood with our oldest daughter. And marveled at how I still had to think hard about some things to remember even what that season had been like for us. 

KK and Nathan, you may end up having fuzzy memories of this time. Try as hard as you might, you may not remember the first time you had to give Philip a bath by yourself, or what you said to him in the middle of the night feedings, or how his fuzzy-little head of strawberry blonde hair smelled when you cuddled him. But I hope looking back on these pictures, seeing these moments captured, will help you remember this sacred journey you are walking daily.

Thank you for the honor of telling this chapter of your story.