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Couple looks into one another's eyes beside flowing creek in Belton, Texas

When I think of Michael & Pamela’s story, the phrase “be careful what you wish for” comes to mind.

Couple walk hand-in-hand in field in Belton Texas

It all started back when Michael began working at the same company as Pamela. They exchanged brief small talk as one does with work colleagues, but nothing more happened. And then one day, while talking to a friend at work who sat next to Michael’s desk, Pamela mentioned how her house-buying struggles would be easier if she was married instead of single. Her friend laughed and said, “Just ask Michael to marry you.” So Pamela turned to Michael and jokingly proposed. And Michael said yes.

Couple embraces and laughs beside creek in Belton, Texas
Couple looks into one another's eyes beside creek in Belton, Texas

Little did either of them know this funny joke at the office was going to lead to a first date, a relationship, and a real proposal 1 ½ years later! And now here we are, 6 weeks away from these two sweethearts saying “I do” to their forever together.

Engagement ring shot

Though Michael & Pamela live in Houston, Pamela’s family has roots in the Temple/Belton area, and so they have chosen the gorgeous La Rio Mansion in Belton, Texas as the venue for their wedding day. Belton has become a central hub for all things wedding for them, so this past Saturday we were able to meet these Houstonians in Belton for their engagement session.

Couple stands side-by-side on bridge in Belton, Texas

As we were walking toward Nolan Creek at the beginning of their session, Pamela and Michael both shared they had never had portraits taken together and were a little nervous as to how they would appear natural and not awkward. And so we put them at ease by telling them it WAS going to be awkward!

But really, having your photo taken for any reason is sort of awkward, right? At least in the beginning. And it does seem unnatural to intimately embrace your sweetheart and act all “lovey-dovey” in a public area while complete strangers walk by.

But we made Michael & Pamela a promise. We were going to teach them our core-posing technique and provide them with skilled direction for how to look natural in front of the camera, and with each passing minute of their engagement session they would feel more and more confident. And they trusted us.

Couple walks hand-in-hand on bridge overlooking creek in Belton, Texas

So after only a few minutes, these two sweethearts were enveloped in their own little world of laughter and love. They listened for our gentle instructions, but mostly they became more at ease and themselves, laughing with one another, making funny faces to egg each other on, and just all around being adorable together. Seriously, multiple people who passed by on the trail congratulated them on their upcoming marriage, they were that obviously in love. Seeing these two and the joyful love they have for one another was so inspiring. It made us want to love each other more and enjoy the fun in our marriage!

Couple portraits on bridge in Belton, Texas
Man brushed hair out of fiance's face
Couple walking together on bridge in Belton, Texas
Engagement ring shot
Couple holds hands beside Nolan Creek in Belton, Texas
Couple looks into each other's eyes during engagement session at Nolan Creek in Belton, Texas
Fiance whispers into bride-to-be's ear during engagement portraits
Couple embraces during engagement portraits in Belton, Texas
Couple under walking bridge with open sky
Couple embrace on sidewalk in downtown Belton, Texas
Engagement portraits in downtown Belton, Texas
Couple kisses on sidewalk during engagement portraits in downtown Belton, Texas
Couple walks hand-in-hand on sidewalk in downtown Belton, Texas
Couple poses in archway of courthouse, backlit by flash, in downtown Belton, Texas

So thank you, Michael & Pamela, for being so fun, and so romantic. Thank you for letting your true love shine through, for making this session so fun, and for making us want to recognize and enjoy the love and laughter in our own marriage.

We can't wait to be with you when you say "I do!"

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