Jacob & Meghan | Engagement Portraits at Sweet Berry Farms, Marble Falls TX | Waco Wedding Photographer

Every time a new bride and groom-to-be become J&M Sweethearts, we send them a survey with all sorts of questions. One of the questions asks, “What are you hoping your photography experience will be as you plan your wedding?” And when Jacob & Meghan answered this question, they wrote,

“We are hoping it captures us as a couple. We want others to be able to look back at our photographs and feel the raw emotion we felt at that very moment as it tells our story.”

Their answer made our hearts so happy. We LOVED how they wanted their wedding photography to really capture them as a couple. We realize this journey of their wedding and marriage is their own beautiful story and we want to faithfully tell it, just as we do with each and every one of our Sweethearts. This is why we learn our Sweethearts’ stories, how they interact with one another and others. This is why we have consultations where we ask their ideas for engagement sessions that are meaningful and true to them.

Jacob & Meghan are an outdoorsy couple who would love to spend a free day hiking and camping, out in nature. Relationships are important to them too, and they are very close with their family and friends. Family is so important, in fact, Jacob proposed to Meghan at Thanksgiving in front of their families during their family portraits. So when we were discussing their engagement session and Jacob mentioned one of his best friends helped manage a strawberry farm, we all knew this was the perfect place for their engagement portraits.

Sweet Berry Farms in Marble Falls, Texas, is such an amazing place. Jacob’s friend, Matthew, took us over to the wedding venue side of the farm and we were able to photograph Jacob & Meghan in a beautiful grove of trees, dancing just like they did every weekend when they were “just good friends.” And when we parked our cars near a field of yellow wildflowers, we knew we’d found a perfect spot for some romantic portraits of these two. But after all the visitors left and the farm closed down, we were able to have the entire strawberry farm to ourselves. From photographing them playing catch in their favorite baseball jerseys to roaming the rows and rows of blackberry vines and strawberry plants, we sat back and watched the magic happen.

Jacob & Meghan are so obviously in love you cannot help but see it when they are together, and our task was to simply capture that emotion for them. They didn't make it hard on us at all. Being there we could tell how much these two loved one another. And looking back through the images as we prepared their gallery for them, we were reminded again of just how palpable the love is between these Sweethearts.  

Jacob & Meghan,

We had a blast being with y'all at your engagement portraits session and we're kind of sad your wedding isn't until November. Can we hang out again soon? We weren't joking about taking you guys out to Tea to Go if you ever visit Waco.

Love, J&M


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