Justin & Tiffany | Belton Lake Engagement Portraits | Belton, Texas

A couple embraces at the Belton Lake Dam while the sun sets over the lake behind them - Jason & Melaina Photography - www.jasonandmelaina.com

Justin & Tiffany have been friends since middle school, and in a relationship for 7 years. They even work together, with Tiffany working as an admin and Justin working at a mechanic at a local shop in town. To say they’ve spent a lot of their life together is an understatement. We love hearing stories like Justin & Tiffany’s, of Sweethearts who have a hard time remembering a time in their lives when they weren’t best friends.

Both Justin & Tiffany enjoy the outdoors and being outside in nature. When they have some free time, they’ll drive to the beach, or go hunting, or spend time on their boat. But one of their favorite things to do together is to go fishing, often going fishing near Belton Lake Dam.

Belton Lake Dam is a special place for these Sweethearts and one of their favorite spots to visit on dates. One special date night at the Dam- after they had climbed down the rocks and gotten closer to the lake, with the sun set turning the sky orange- Justin pulled out a ring and asked Tiffany to marry him. She said yes.

To mark the occasion, they added a gold lock to the fence at the Belton Lake Dam’s lookout. They wrote their initials and the date, and then placed the lock on the fence along with all the other locks left behind by couples before them.

When it came time to pick the location for their engagement session, keeping things in Belton and using the sunset at Belton Lake Dam was a no-brainer. We started at a creek in a nearby park, and dodged the other Beltonians who were fishing, wading in the water, or having their own photo shoot. Then, just in time for sunset, we hiked down the rocks at Belton Lake Dam and made our way to where Justin proposed to Tiffany.

We love being able to capture some romantic engagement pictures on the exact spot where the proposal happened. Because we like to think that years later, our Sweethearts can show their grandchildren pictures of the exact spot where Grandpa proposed to Grandma, and smile at one another as their grandkids say “Awww” and exclaim how young Grandpa and Grandma look.

A woman leans her head on her fiance’s shoulder and he smiles down at her during their engagement photo session in Belton, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography - www.jasonandmelaina.com
A couple embraces and puts their foreheads together as the sun sets over the lake behind them - Engagement Photos in Belton, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography - www.jasonandmelaina.com

Dear Justin & Tiffany,

Y’all are such an adorable couple, and it’s obvious you’re each other’s best friend. We know you have many years of date nights fishing ahead of you. We can’t wait to be with you again in September when you start the next chapter of your love story!

Love, J&M

A couple kisses at Belton Lake Dam while the sunset turns the sky orange behind them over the lake - Belton, Texas Engagement session - Jason & Melaina Photography - www.jasonandmelaina.com