Remington & Marley | Sunrise Engagement Portraits | Cameron Park


We normally take engagement portraits with our Sweethearts in that magic golden hour right before the sun goes down. But sometimes sunset isn’t possible schedule-wise, so we set alarms and head out to locations and wait for the sun to join us.

Marley and Remington live in Tennessee, but chose to have their wedding in Texas near Remington’s parents since that was the most central location for all their family throughout the US. So when Marley and her mother made a trip to Texas one weekend to get all their vendors booked, they squeezed us in for a quick coffee meet up between cake tastings and a trip to the Magnolia Silos. We loved Marley, her mom, and Remington’s mom right away, and loved how Marley talked about her relationship with Remington. So we were so excited to get to work with them in 2019!

Since they live in Tennessee, we only had one shot for an engagement session with them when they were in Texas visiting Remington’s family for Christmas. And with work schedules and family Christmas celebrations, the only opportunity we had to connect with them for their session was Saturday morning before Christmas. So Remington and Marley drove down from DFW to make it to Waco by sunrise. Talk about dedicated!

It couldn’t have been easy to leave DFW in the 5 am hour, but we are forever grateful to them because sunrise sunlight just might become our favorite light! The way the warm sun filled the space at Cameron Park highlighted these Sweethearts and their love. Remington & Marley were naturals at posing, switching from sweet romantic moments to laughter and dancing with ease. And they seemed wide awake and warm the whole time, which is not easy to do on an early morning in December!

When we asked Remington to whisper in Marley’s ear, Marley busted out laughing at whatever he had said. The “whisper test” is always a great moment at an engagement session, because we learn the true nature of our Sweethearts and their relationship based off whether they whisper sweet words, funny jokes, or random nonsense words. And we knew Remington & Marley were a fun couple who brought out the joy in each other when Marley immediately started laughing.

Their session was so beautiful and so fun, and we can’t wait to be with them again in June!


Dear Remington & Marley,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for meeting us bright and early in Waco! We loved seeing you in person again, Marley, and meeting you, Remington. You two were flawless, and your love for one another shows so much through these images. We hope you enjoy the remaining days of wedding planning and being engaged. And we can’t wait to see what married life has in store for y’all!

Love, J&M


Jonathan & Jennah | Christmas Themed Engagement Portraits | Waco, Texas

Couple pose in middle of street at sunset for their engagement portraits in Waco, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography -

It’s always fun when we have a connection with a couple before we even work with them!

2 ½ years ago, we photographed Jennah’s brother TJ’s wedding to his bride, Holley. We got to know Jennah too since she was one of Holley’s bridesmaids, and we connected again when she came to help TJ & Holley’s son laugh when we photographed him in the bluebonnets this past year. So when Jennah reached out to us to say she had found her forever Sweetheart and was planning her wedding, we were so happy to get to work with another member of the Goedeke family!

Jonathan asked Jennah to marry him this summer while on vacation with her family. As they started wedding planning, Jennah’s mom thought it would be so fun to have a Christmas wedding. But being a school teacher Jennah didn’t think she’d have enough time to plan a December wedding once school started. She and Jonathan chose July 2019 for their wedding, but still wanted to keep a Christmas vibe. So Christmas in July became the theme of their wedding! And with such a great theme, we knew it’d be fun to have their engagement portrait session during Christmas break to tie it all together.

So Jonathan & Jennah met us the Friday before Christmas for some engagement portraits right before sunset. Jennah had a vision for her and Jonathan wrapped in Christmas lights near a barn wall, so we chose the Carleen Bright Arboretum as our first stop. It felt full circle, because the Arboretum was TJ & Holley’s wedding venue and where we first met Jennah in 2016. It was neat to meet back at that location, this time for Jennah’s portraits with her groom-to-be.

We got some great portraits of them wrapped in Christmas lights (which by the way, get really warm when wrapped on your body!) and then headed to Woodway Park. Waco doesn’t exactly provide a winter wonderland and there was no snow for their session, but we really liked how the trees resembled Christmas trees. They were the perfect backdrop for the session, and made for a great place to hang Jenna’s ring on their cute ornament.

Photographing Jonathan & Jennah for their engagement portraits was a fun way to get ready for Christmas, and we can’t wait to feel all Christmas-y with them again at their wedding in July!

Couple wrapped up in white Christmas lights for engagement portraits - Jason & Melaina Photography -
Couple holds one another in field of tall grass - Waco, Texas
Sunset engagement portraits in a field of dry grass - Waco, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography
Couple sits beside road with sunset behind them during engagement portraits - Jason & Melaina Photography
A close up of a bride-to-be’s diamond solitaire engagement ring during her engagement portraits - Jason & Melaina Photography
Photo by Jason & Melaina Photography, Waco Texas
Groom carries his fiance on his back while she laughs during their engagement portraits in Waco, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography -

Dear Jonathan & Jennah,

We are so excited to have you two as Sweethearts! We hope your first Christmas together as fiances was wonderful, and that you are looking forward to all the Christmases together to come!

Love, J&M

Couple holds Christmas ornament with their wedding date for their save the date - Jason & Melaina Photography

Garrett & Kelli | Engagement Portraits at Lick Creek Park | College Station, Texas

Couple pose with their two dogs for engagement photos in College Station, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography -

Garrett & Kelli have a love story that’s made for 2018. They were matched on a dating site but didn’t message each other right away. One day while Kelli was at the gym, she almost literally ran into a guy while walking through the gym. She and the guy gave each other side-eye, and then continued on their way.

A few moments later Kelli’s phone buzzed with a message from the guy she had been matched with, asking if she was at the gym. At first, Kelli worried he was following her in real life. But then she quickly realized the guy she almost ran into was the same guy from the site. Turns out they frequented the same gym, and so Garrett came back over and they chatted. Conversations led to dates, which led to a relationship, which led to us meeting them in College Station for their fun engagement session.

It’s so fun to watch our Sweetheart couples’ personalities come out during the engagement sessions. One of the things we like to tell them to do is to whisper in each other’s ear. Some couples get super romantic and sweet, and then others try to make each other laugh. Garrett & Kelli were definitely the latter, whispering funny words into each other’s ears, trying to get the other one to crack up. They are definitely a couple who laughs together often, so it’s no surprise their engagement session was full of laughter...especially when we were all trying to get their two sweet puppies to look our way. The only thing not funny was how hot it was outside this evening. But a little heat was worth that pretty Texas sunset sky.

Luckily it won’t be hot for their late October wedding. Their beautiful Catholic ceremony and Gatsby-themed warehouse reception are going to be so fun. And with these two, we know we’re going to all have a fun and laughter-filled day!

A couple's dog wears a "My Humans are getting married" sign during an engagement session - Jason & Melaina Photography -
An engagement session with dogs in College Station, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography -
Lick Creek Park Engagement Session - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A couple sits in the tall grass in field at sunset during their engagement photos - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A girl rests her head on her fiance's shoulders during their engagement portrait session - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A man hugs his fiance during their engagement session at Lick Creek Park in College Station, Tx - Jason & Melaina Photography -
Lick Creek Park Engagement Photos, College Station - Jason & Melaina Photography -

Dear Garrett & Kelli,

It was so fun to meet your sweet Zeus and Zelda, and to just hang out with you again.  Thanks for braving the heat and the insects with us for this session. We had a blast and can't wait to see ya'll again in October! And it won't be summer so YAY!

Love, J&M

A couple smiles at the camera during their engagement photos in College Station, Tx - Jason & Melaina Photography -