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Michael & Gabrielle | Whimsical Warehouse Wedding | Crawford, Texas


Every time we’ve been with Michael & Gabrielle, it’s been so fun! Remember their engagement session with their 4 cute puppies? Whenever they’ve told us about their wedding day, it was filled with so many fun details we couldn’t wait to see it all come together. And on April 6th, driving through an intense thunderstorm, we were so excited to finally be heading to their fun wedding day!

Michael & Gabrielle chose the historic Amsler Building as their wedding venue. This hidden gem in Crawford, Texas is such a cool spot to have a wedding. With its soaring ceilings, upper balcony, and expansive wood floor, the Amsler gave this whimsical wedding a cool warehouse vibe.

Speaking of whimsical, Gabrielle outdid herself with her wedding details! Her love of gnomes was on full display, with so many gnome figurines placed throughout the reception. She had her unicorn pinata, and even a fun unicorn detail added to her cake by the talented Kimberly from All Sugar’d Up.

Instead of a guest book, Michael & Gabrielle had guests sign vintage Christmas ornaments so they could remember their guests every year when they put up their Christmas tree. And instead of flower girls, there were bubble girls, who filled the aisle with bubble when Gabrielle came down the aisle.

To top it all off, Gabrielle handmade every single flower, from her bouquet to Michael’s boutonniere to the table decor, from books, buttons and pieces of fabric left over from the handmade quilt her mother-in-law made them. All of these whimsical details came together in such a fun way, highlighting the fun and joy Michael & Gabrielle bring with them wherever they go.

But the decor wasn’t the only joyful elements of this wedding. There were so many little moments that stand out too. Seeing Gabrielle’s close friends be her right-hand women all day, helping in every way possible, really showed how much love and support this couple has. When it was time for their first touch, Michael surprised Gabrielle with a hand-written letter, and it was so sweet to stand back and watch her read his loving words to her on their wedding day.

When Gabrielle came down the aisle escorted by her father, all the bubble girls began firing their motorized bubble guns. They filled the aisle, and in that moment Michael & Gabrielle began to smile and laugh at one another.

Another joyful moment was the rain that had been looming overhead most of the day cleared up beautifully just in time to head down the road to Tonkawa Falls for some portraits with the bride and groom. We love sneaking our couples away during the reception to have a moment of quiet, just the two of them, on their wedding day. So we were all so happy the weather allowed us to have that moment surrounded by the beauty of Tonkawa Falls.

And at the end of the night, one of the sweetest, most joyful moments we’ve witnessed at a wedding happened. Michael & Gabrielle had their last dance before leaving the reception. As they danced, their family and friends gathered in a circle around them, blowing bubbles. Seeing this couple in love, surrounded by the love of their support system, and bubbles, was the perfect ending to such a fun and whimsical wedding day.


Dear Michael & Gabrielle,

Your wedding day was full of so much fun and joy! Seeing the love you share between you, and all your family and friends, was beautiful. May you have many years ahead of you full of red crayons, unicorns, gnomes, bubbles, love, fun and joy!

Love, J&M


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It’s our first blog post in 2019, and this fun engagement session is the perfect way to kick the year off!

I (Melaina) met Michael & Gabrielle at the With This Ring Bridal show in January. When they told me their wedding plans- full of pinatas, bubble girls instead of flower girls, and a unicorn cake- I knew their wedding would be so much fun. So when they told us they wanted us to be their photographers, we were so pumped!

A few weeks later at our traditional coffee double-date with new #J&MSweethearts, they told us about their love story - how they had met online and had found their perfect match in one another. And how they each had 2 dogs so when they moved in together, they had a full house right away!

We decided Brazos Park East was the perfect location for their engagement portrait session, since it was the park where Michael tried to teach Gabrielle disc golf early in their relationship. And when they mentioned they’d like to include their dogs in some photos, we knew it would be a fun and meaningful photo shoot!

During the session, I noticed Michael’s red crayon cuff links, and asked him about them. It turns out they were a gift from Gabrielle. You see, Gabrielle had once described to her friends how dating in adulthood was like coloring with someone else’s crayons. And she had ended things with a guy recently because he was like a white crayon, had hardly been used and wasn’t her favorite. She told her friends she wanted to find her red crayon, the one that was her favorite and would be perfect for her. Not too long after, Michael came into the picture and Gabrielle had found her red crayon.

It was such a sweet story that showed not only their personalities, but the beauty in finding the perfect person for you. We are so happy for them, and excited to see what their wedding and marriage has in store!

A couple laughs and hugs in the sunlight by the Brazos River in Waco, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography - www.jasonandmelaina.com
A couple nuzzles their faces together beside the Brazos River as the sun sets in Waco, Texas | Jason & Melaina Photography - www.jasonandmelaina.com
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Dear Michael & Gabrielle,

Every time we are around y’all, you are always having fun and seem perfect for each other! (I didn’t blog the funny faces you were making at one another but make sure and look for them in the gallery!) We’re so happy you found your red crayon in Michael, Gabrielle. And we pray you have many more years of fun together!

Love, J&M

A couple smiles at the camera during their engagement photos in Cameron Park, Waco, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography - www.jasonandmelaina.com