Pregnancy Announcement

Cory & Jackie | Couple's Portraits Session | Waco Wedding Photographer

Couple poses in front of Starry Night wall mural in downtown Waco, Texas

Cory & Jackie are childhood friends of Jason's family, growing up in the same church and attending many youth group events together. Back in 2009, these high school sweethearts became engaged and asked us to take their engagement portraits. We were just starting out as wedding photographers and loved the opportunity to photograph some engagement portraits for friends. Cory & Jackie were one of the first engaged couples we photographed together...and by together I mean Jason took the pictures while I stood there holding our camera bag. I was still learning the ropes of photography way back then!  

We all agreed it would have been awesome if we had been able to photograph their wedding as well. But unfortunately, my family was taking a years-in-the-making vacation to Disney World that summer and we weren't available for Cory & Jackie's wedding. After their wedding, we'd occasionally connect with Cory & Jackie mostly through social media, especially when I began watching the entire Gilmore Girls series last year and Jackie, a Lorelei and Rory fan, would comment her theories and ideas on my MANY Facebook posts about the show.

Then early this spring we received an email from Jackie, asking if we'd be available to do a photo session for them. You see, they were expecting their first baby! And while Jackie wasn't going to be far enough along in her pregnancy for a traditional maternity shoot when they were visiting family in Texas before heading back home to Nashville, TN, she didn't want to miss the opportunity to have portraits taken with us. She wanted to get some portraits of this time in their story, of the final months of it being just the two of them before their sweet little girl arrived in the fall.

So one day we met them in downtown Waco. Jackie had seen the Starry Night mural mentioned online in her searches about things to see in Waco, and thought it would be a perfect backdrop for their portraits. And I couldn't agree more! Starry Night is actually one of my favorite Van Gogh paintings, and I told Jason we needed to take our own portraits in front of this wall too! After spending some time at the mural, we headed to the Carleen Bright Arboretum to use it's beautiful gazebo. See, Jackie had the PERFECT idea for a pregnancy announcement portrait that would make any Gilmore Girls fan squeal. So we set Cory & Jackie up like Rory and Lorelei in the final scene of the Gilmore Girls movie. Jackie and I had to coach Cory through how Lorelei looked when Rory revealed her pregnancy, but in the end he nailed it. And then we finished out their couple's session freezing time on some romantic moments between this husband and wife so years into raising their family they can look back on these portraits and smile.

Husband and wife laugh in front of Starry Night mural in downtown Waco
Husband and wife laugh in front of Starry Night mural in downtown Waco
Wife puts head on husband's shoulder in front of Starry Night mural in downtown Waco
Husband and wife pose in front of Starry Night mural in downtown Waco
Couple recreates final scene of Gilmore Girls movies for pregnancy announcement



"I'm pregnant."

Couple embraces in front of rustic barn at Carleen Bright Arboretum in Woodway, Texas
Husband and wife stroll hand-in-hand through the garden at Carleen Bright Arboretum in Woodway, Texas
Couple embraces on bridge, walks hand-in-hand, at Carleen Bright Arboretum
Couple dances in the gazebo at Carleen Bright Arboretum in Woodway, Texas
Couple walks away from camera, hand-in-hand, under string lights at Carleen Bright Arboretum in Woodway, Texas

Cory & Jackie,
Congratulations once again on your little girl! We can't wait to meet her when she comes. We hope y'all enjoy these final months of just the two of you, and we're so excited for this new journey in your story!
Love, J&M