Mike & Rachel | Horsehoe Bay Resort Wedding

Remember Rachel, our fun-loving, warm-hearted, bling-and-blue loving bride? The one, who along with her fiance Mike, have infectious energy and warmth-giving smiles?

Well, get ready to hear all about their wedding day.

When I think on this wedding, there are so many things I want to tell you. Like how we had never been to the Horseshoe Bay Resort before and when Jason and I walked out to see the venue the morning of the wedding day, my jaw dropped. I took my phone out and instagrammed the empty ceremony site, captioning it "Our office for today," and so many people liked and commented about how beautiful it was. When we met with Rachel previously she had told us she picked Horseshoe Bay Resort as her wedding venue before she was ever engaged, based simply on how beautiful she thought it was when she attended a work Christmas party there one year. After seeing it with my own eyes, I completely understood how she decided on her wedding venue long before it was needed.

I want to tell you how Mike and Rachel did something fun and unique in that Mike's three beautiful daughters served as his "groomsmaids," and Rachel's two brothers and her best friend served as her "bridesmen." There was something so sweet in seeing these three girls standing up beside their daddy on his wedding day, and when Rachel's best friend gave his toast as the official "man of honor," it was clear that of course he was the perfect choice of who should be standing up beside Rachel as she married Mike.

I want to tell you how there was so much love shared between everyone in this wedding, between Rachel and her soon-to-be-official daughters, between Mike and Rachel's brothers, between close friends and extended family, that it was honestly hard to distinguish the different "sides" at this wedding. There's a popular sign often displayed at weddings, "Today two families become one, so pick a seat not a side." Everyone at Mike and Rachel's wedding already got that memo it seemed, because all day long it felt like we were with one very large, loving family that included anyone Mike and Rachel had ever meet. And every single person there loved Mike and Rachel, and just wanted to be a part of their love story.

And last, but definitely not least, I want to tell you about their wedding reception. I mentioned previously how Mike and Rachel are in the Texas Heatwave band. All there band-mates attended their wedding, but then also played the reception. And it made for such a memorably fun reception unlike anything we've ever experienced. Earlier in the day, Jason and I were tasked with getting Rachel to "show us the wedding ceremony site" and to keep her there so she wouldn't accidentally overhear Mike rehearsing the song he was to sing to her that evening. And when it was time to sing to his new bride, Mike confidently took the mic and sang to Rachel while they danced, backed by his own band who loved this couple so much.

Rachel had adorned her cordless mic with pink jewels, and it was something to behold seeing the bride weaving her way through a dance floor of her closest friends and family while belting out the likes of Lady Gaga into a blinged-out mic. The dance floor was constantly full and the music was amazing, because the bride and groom and their band kept the party going until the last possible moment.

And when it was all said and done, and Mike and Rachel ran through the sparkler-waving throng of their loved ones seeing them off onto their honeymoon, Jason and I felt like we had just been at such an amazing party with such a loving group of people we gushed about how much fun we had all the way to our hotel.

Congratulations once again, Mike and Rachel. Thank you so much for letting us be a fly on the wall of your amazing wedding story.

Rachel's Bridals | Waco Bridal Photography

Only hours before this session, the sky was full of ominous thunderclouds and rain was falling in various areas of Waco. Jason and I watched the storms roll in from our porch and wondered if we would be able to make this session work. Family sessions in rain can be fun, and rain on a wedding day can actually make for some amazing shots. But rain for bridal portraits isn't preferred, especially since it's the first time the bride's worn her perfectly altered dress outside and she needs it to still look perfect a month later on her wedding day. So we watched and we waited.

Then the rain moved on and the sky cleared, and the only thing left in it's wake was a very humid and muggy evening.

We met Rachel and her fiance, Mike, through our involvement with the Waco Wedding Professionals group. They both help front the Texas Heatwave Band, an amazingly talented cover band who take any reception or party to the next level. From our very first meeting, we knew they were so fun and were excited to be a part of their wedding day team. They both have this infectious energy, and heart-warming smiles, so you can't help but have fun when you're around them. Therefore, we knew that even if there had been rain, even if there was some mud and crazy humidity and mosquitoes (and OH MY WORD, were there mosquitoes!), Rachel was going to have a blast at her bridal portraits and we were going to have a blast being around her.

And we were right. She showed up wearing her gorgeous dress, enthusiastically showing us her blinged-out, blue-suede Bagdley Mischka shoes. She brought along her sweet mama and fun-loving stepdad, and it became apparent where Rachel's warmth and fun spirit came from. Her fun and warm spirit were so easy to capture on camera, and she knocked this session out of the park.

Rachel, you were a true joy to work with and an even more beautiful bride. Thank you for letting us into your circle!