Remington & Marley

Remington & Marley | Blush & Gold Warehouse Wedding | Hillsboro, Texas

A bride and groom stand together during their wedding ceremony, next to an exposed brick wall with hanging floral hoops at The Eagle Historic Warehouse in Hillsboro, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography -

Since Remington & Marley live in Tennessee, our relationship with them has been mostly via email. Well, except for their sunrise engagement session they met us for back in December. So we were excited to be with them again on their gorgeous wedding day!

Remington & Marley chose The Eagle Historic Warehouse in Hillsboro, Texas for their special day, and it was the perfect venue for them. The exposed bricks and open expanse of the space gives a great warehouse vibe, a perfect blank canvas to transform into your dream space. And that’s just what Marley’s mom and sisters did! 

We’ve never seen such a beautiful treatment to a warehouse venue, with blush curtains separating the ceremony site from the bar and reception area. Then, after dinner, the curtains were tied back and framed the dance floor, creating a great atmosphere for guests to dance the night away.

Curtains weren’t the only beautiful ideas Marley’s mother and sisters came up with. They spray painted hula hoops in gold to create the ceremony backdrop, as well as old frames to provide more gold touches throughout the reception space. There was a gorgeous seating area in the back of the space, filled with flowers and vintage furniture that complemented the wedding colors. 

While the decor transformed the Eagle Historic into a beautiful space, it was made even more magical by the joyful moments throughout the day. We never get tired of being flies on the wall when a bride and groom have a first look before their wedding ceremony, and Remington & Marley were no exception to this. Seeing their genuine delight and joy when Remington turned around to see his bride for the first time was so special.

Another special aspect of these Sweethearts’ wedding day was the love surrounding them in their family and friends. Many friends from Tennessee joined in the wedding day festivities. Marley’s closest friends were in her bridal party, and her childhood best friends do her hair and makeup for her big day. Remington’s friends were fun too, dancing together and singing along to any lyric that gave a special shout out to Tennessee throughout the reception.

These two Sweethearts spent a magical day celebrating this new chapter in their story. And as the day came to an end, the walked hand-in-hand through a tunnel of loved ones and sparklers, heading off to their next adventure.

Blush linens with white and rose gold plates and centerpieces for reception seating, Gold circles adorned with magnolia blossoms and leaves hanging on a brick wall, and monogram gold clutches as part of the wedding details - Jason & Melaina Photography -
Bridesmaids react with squeals, gasps and tears when they see the bride in her dress for the first time in the bridal suite at The Eagle Historic Warehouse - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A grandpa smiles at his granddaughter when he sees her in her wedding gown for the first time - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A bride taps her groom on the shoulder as he turns to see her for the first time on their wedding day - - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A groom smiles at his bride while she’s escorted by her father down the aisle at The Eagle Historic Warehouse - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A bride and groom kiss as they are pronounced husband and wife at the end of their wedding ceremony - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A bride and groom laugh during their first dance at their wedding reception at The Eagle Historic Warehouse in Hillsboro, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A bride and groom smile at one another as the wind catches the brides veil in downtown Hillsboro, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A groom dips his bride as they walk down a tunnel of sparklers as they leave their wedding - Jason & Melaina Photography -

Dear Remington & Marley,

Your wedding day was so full of joy and love. We hope your wedding photos help you relive all the joyful memories. And that you two have many more years of adventures ahead of you!

Love, J&M

A bride smiles up at her groom while her veil floats in the wind - Jason & Melaina Photography -

The wedding professionals that were a part of Remington & Marley’s team -

Venue | The Eagle Historic Warehouse

Rentals | RSVP, Vintage Gold Dust

Florist | Natalie's Floral, Gourmet and Gifts

DJ | Bobby’s DJ Services

Baker | Sweetness Desserts

Caterer | Dickey's Barbecue

Bridal Gown | Ava's Bridal

Tuxes | Men's Warehouse

Bridesmaids/Flower girls' attire | Birdy Grey

Remington & Marley | Sunrise Engagement Portraits | Cameron Park


We normally take engagement portraits with our Sweethearts in that magic golden hour right before the sun goes down. But sometimes sunset isn’t possible schedule-wise, so we set alarms and head out to locations and wait for the sun to join us.

Marley and Remington live in Tennessee, but chose to have their wedding in Texas near Remington’s parents since that was the most central location for all their family throughout the US. So when Marley and her mother made a trip to Texas one weekend to get all their vendors booked, they squeezed us in for a quick coffee meet up between cake tastings and a trip to the Magnolia Silos. We loved Marley, her mom, and Remington’s mom right away, and loved how Marley talked about her relationship with Remington. So we were so excited to get to work with them in 2019!

Since they live in Tennessee, we only had one shot for an engagement session with them when they were in Texas visiting Remington’s family for Christmas. And with work schedules and family Christmas celebrations, the only opportunity we had to connect with them for their session was Saturday morning before Christmas. So Remington and Marley drove down from DFW to make it to Waco by sunrise. Talk about dedicated!

It couldn’t have been easy to leave DFW in the 5 am hour, but we are forever grateful to them because sunrise sunlight just might become our favorite light! The way the warm sun filled the space at Cameron Park highlighted these Sweethearts and their love. Remington & Marley were naturals at posing, switching from sweet romantic moments to laughter and dancing with ease. And they seemed wide awake and warm the whole time, which is not easy to do on an early morning in December!

When we asked Remington to whisper in Marley’s ear, Marley busted out laughing at whatever he had said. The “whisper test” is always a great moment at an engagement session, because we learn the true nature of our Sweethearts and their relationship based off whether they whisper sweet words, funny jokes, or random nonsense words. And we knew Remington & Marley were a fun couple who brought out the joy in each other when Marley immediately started laughing.

Their session was so beautiful and so fun, and we can’t wait to be with them again in June!


Dear Remington & Marley,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for meeting us bright and early in Waco! We loved seeing you in person again, Marley, and meeting you, Remington. You two were flawless, and your love for one another shows so much through these images. We hope you enjoy the remaining days of wedding planning and being engaged. And we can’t wait to see what married life has in store for y’all!

Love, J&M