San Antonio Riverwalk wedding

David & Sandra | San Antonio Riverwalk Wedding

Have you ever been around a couple that was so visibly in love you just sat in awe of it?

Every set of #JandMsweethearts we work with has such a love, and it's one of the most amazing rewards of walking alongside them on their wedding day- the chance to witness such awe-inspiring love.

But there was something uniquely special about David & Sandra. Not only was their love visible to everyone who saw them, there was this element of giddiness, this electric current of excitement that flowed between them, infecting everyone who was in the room. 

These two were like high-school sweethearts in the beginning, mushy stages of puppy love...and it was something wonderful to behold.

There were so many special moments in David & Sandra's wedding story- the breathtaking venue of the Omni La Mansion del Rio on the San Antonio Riverwalk, the gathering of loved ones and friends from all their different stages of life to witness their marriage, their children giving such heart-felt and funny toasts. Yet the lasting image that remains with me is the one of the giggling love shared between this bride and groom as they started their forever.