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Stephen & Ariel | Star Wars Wedding | The Palladium in Waco, Texas

A bride dressed as a Jedi Knight and her groom, dressed as a Sith Lord, embrace holding lightsabers down a darkened alley in downtown Waco, Texas  - Jason & Melaina Photography -

Man, oh man, we’ve been so excited to share Stephen & Ariel’s wedding day on the blog! Remember these Sweethearts and their love of Star Wars? It was so fun to photograph their engagement session with their custom made lightsabers. But their wedding was on another level!

There were so many custom made pieces Stephen & Ariel made as part of their wedding decor. They built the blast doors that served as the ceremony background (and made for a really cool backdrop for formal portraits). Every table had a unique centerpiece of a scene from Star Wars displayed as a diorama in glass jars. The bar area was set up to look like a space cantina, and the photo booth area was a custom built replica of the trash compactor from A New Hope.

The Star Wars details weren’t limited to decor, though. These Sweethearts went all out in their outfits for their wedding day too. Stephen & Ariel wore custom made outfits to dress as Revan & Bastila, characters from the Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic series. Everyone in the bridal party, including Stephen & Ariel’s family, dressed up as jedis and siths and characters from the Star Wars movies. The bridal party, bride and groom, carried lightsabers. And the Sweethearts were even married by Darth Vader!

This awesome wedding may have looked a little different than a traditional wedding you’d see on wedding blogs, but it still had so many little wedding day moments that are what make wedding days so special.

There was all the bridal party getting ready at Ariel’s parents’ home, getting their jedi outfits just right. There was Stephen & Ariel seeing one another for the first time on their wedding day, all smiles in their excitement to get married. There was Ariel’s sister, her parents, Stephen’s family, and all their friends, there in costumes to support them and celebrate their love.

There was sneaking these Sweethearts out of the reception for some sunset portraits. And though we may get a little stares from on-lookers when we take a bride and groom down Austin Avenue, we’ve never really had people walk up and ask us what Stephen & Ariel were doing. And there was the excitement of their exit, with everyone cheering on the newlyweds as they ran under a colorful tunnel of lightsabers.

A bride and groom, dressed as Star Wars characters, see each other for the first time before their ceremony - Star Wars Wedding in downtown Waco, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography
A Jedi Knight bride and her Sith Lord groom pose in front of the blast doors at their Star Wars wedding in Waco, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography -
The bridal party poses in front of blast doors dressed as Sith Lords and Jedi Knights - Star Wars  Wedding  at The Palladium - Jason & Melaina Photography -
The groom watches his Jedi Knight bride come down the aisle, escorted by her Han Solo dressed father, at their Star Wars wedding in Waco, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography -
Star Wars wedding ceremony on May the 4th at The Palladium in Waco, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography
Star Wars wedding details for the reception at The Palladium in Waco, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A bride, dressed as a Jedi Knight, and her groom, dressed as a Sith Lord, pose together in downtown Waco on their May 4th wedding day - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A couple poses in a downtown Waco alley with their lightsabers on their May 4th Star Wars wedding - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A bride and groom, dressed as Star Wars characters, kiss under a lightsaber tunnel as they leave their May 4th wedding reception - The Palladium at Waco, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography

Dear Stephen & Ariel,

Your wedding was definitely a day to never forget! All the years of planning and preparation paid off for such a magical day. We hope the love and joy you felt for one another and from all your loved ones stay with you for many more years to come.

Love, J&M


The awesome wedding vendors who helped bring Stephen & Ariel’s Star Wars’ vision to life-

Venue | The Palladium

Caterer | Blanek’s

Cake | Kakes by Kat

DJ | PhilDoesIt

Stephen & Ariel | Star Wars Engagement Portraits | Waco, Texas


We met Stephen & Ariel way back in January 2018 when they were starting to plan their May 2019 wedding. Why were they waiting 17 months for their wedding? Well, when you have such a passion for Star Wars, Saturday, May 4th, 2019 is the perfect day to get married!

Star Wars has always been a part of Stephen & Ariel’s story. Both of them are fans of the Star Wars story, and we mean the whole story! In fact, their favorite characters are actually characters outside of the movies that we had never heard of. Their true devotion to the Star Was universe, though, began when Ariel was gifted a Storm trooper outfit from a co-worker. Stephen got his own Sith outfit, and the two of them began to volunteer with the 501st  Legion. The 501st is an international organization that specializes in accurate costumes of the dark side force in the Star Wars universe, as well as charity work throughout the world. They call themselves “the bad guys doing good.” Volunteering for charity work around central Texas with the 501st is one of Stephen & Ariel’s favorite things to do together.

With Star Wars being such an important element to who they are as a couple, of course Star Wars continues to be a part of their wedding journey. Stephen actually proposed to Ariel using a R2D2 and gave her an R2D2 inspired ring for his proposal. And when we began planning their engagement photo session with them, we knew it wasn’t going to be a typical session. Our goal is to always tell the story of our #JandMSweethearts, especially in the engagement session. We’re way more interested in recreating a favorite date night activity or visiting the place of the proposal. So when Ariel said they’d like to bring the light sabers they were having custom-made for their wedding day, we knew engagement photos with light sabers was going to be a new thing for us.

We’re so glad Ariel & Stephen wanted their session to include the light sabers, and that we even postponed the session to make sure the light sabers would be there in time! We had so much fun setting up light saber duels, and the other people at Lover’s Leap in Cameron Park were definitely interested in what we were doing. But we think our favorite moments were placing Stephen & Ariel on a tucked-away trail Ariel’s sister, Elyse, wanted to try. We got to really see their love for Star Wars, but more importantly, their love for one another.

After having such a fun Star Wars themed engagement session, we can’t wait to share how epic their Star Wars wedding is going to be. We won’t share any details here now since some of the cool stuff they’re having is a surprise, but we can’t wait for May the 4th to get here!


Dear Stephen & Ariel,

We had so much fun hanging out with you again and seeing all your cool moves during your engagement session! We hope the playful and fun spirit you have as a couple continues to grow with you as you grow together. Can’t wait to see you on May the 4th!

Love, J&M