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Dustin & Virginia | Engagement Portraits in Belton | Belton, Texas

A couple holds one another and looks into each other's eyes during their engagement session in Yettie Polk Park in Belton, Texas

Dustin & Virginia hold a special place in our hearts! One of Dustin’s sisters, Melanie, is a friend of ours at church, and we’ve even photographed her family a couple of times. Dustin’s other sister, Pamela, along with her husband, Michael, were one of our 2017 Sweetheart couples. (See their beautiful spring wedding at La Rio Mansion here.)

So when Dustin, Melanie, and Pamela’s mom reached out to us to see if we had Dustin’s wedding date available, we were so happy to find that we did! We feel like we already know Dustin & Virginia through working with Dustin’s family multiple times, and even meeting them at Michael & Pamela’s wedding. Now that we’re joining Dustin & Virginia’s wedding day team, it feels like we are their family’s official photographers. And we love that!

A couple walks hand-in-hand in Belton, Texas
A bride smiles at her fiance while they walk together in the park

Even though we had met Dustin & Virginia before, we didn’t know their love story. So it was so sweet to read what Dustin wrote to us about how he & Virginia’s story began.

These two Sweethearts met when Virginia began working at the same restaurant as Dustin. Though there was immediate attraction, dating was out of the question since Dustin was Virginia’s supervisor. But when she switched to another restaurant, this opened up the door for their relationship to officially begin.

There was a hiccup in their story, however, when Virginia moved to New Orleans and then back to Honduras. The two stayed in contact as best as they could, but the future of their relationship seemed uncertain with the distance between them.

Then one day while at work, Dustin received a text from Virginia, telling him to go outside. Unsure of what was happening, Dustin walked outside to find Virginia standing there in person. And as Dustin says, “The rest is history.” These Sweethearts picked up where they left off, and now they are a few weeks out from their wedding day.

And we can’t wait to be there with them at the end of June, documenting this next chapter in their love story as their marriage begins!

A couple holds their young daughter during their engagement session in Belton, Texas
A woman looks into her fiance's face during their engagement session in Yettie Polk Park, Belton, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography

Dear Dustin & Virginia,

We are so glad to get to know you two, and so honored you've chosen us to document your love story. We can't wait to be with you again at the end of June! And sometime soon we'll have to get a taste of your famous BBQ!

Love, J&M

Couple embraces and looks at one another by a river in Belton, Texas