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Alex & Hailey | Courthouse Elopement | Waco, Texas

Couple kisses under the stained glass rotunda inside the Waco Courthouse during their courthouse elopement in Waco, Texas | Jason & Melaina Photography

Hailey was attending undergrad at the University of Texas at Austin when she first met Alex. As a pre-law student, Hailey competed in a mock trial competition against other pre-law students across the state. One of the students on the opposing team was a guy named Alex from Baylor. Even though they competed against each other in the tournament, they hit it off, and stayed in contact as they finished their undergrad degrees.

Not long after, both Alex & Hailey found out they were accepted into Baylor Law School. Hailey told us that since she didn’t know anyone else in her new school, she started hanging out with Alex. And luckily for them, it was a friendship that grew into something more throughout their time at Baylor Law.

While in law school Alex & Hailey both worked in the 10th Court of Appeals at the McLennan County Courthouse. So when these two Sweethearts decided to get married, the 10th Court was the obvious place to start this next journey.

Alex & Hailey’s wedding was beautiful and simple. The location spoke to their shared history and served as an important marker in their relationship journey while at Baylor. The judge who presided over their ceremony was a favorite former professor from BU Law. Their closest family and friends joined them for an intimate Friday afternoon ceremony, and then the party moved to a local favorite restaurant to celebrate.

It was a wedding day perfect for them, and perfectly them. And we were so honored to be a part of it.

Dear Alex & Hailey,

We pray that when you look at these photos from your wedding day, you will be taken back to those special moments and remember the love, joy, and happiness you felt that day. May you have many more years journeying together!

Love, J&M

A bride and groom hold one another outside the McLennan County Courthouse in Waco, Texas | Jason & Melaina Photography

Jonathan & Jennah | Christmas in July Wedding | Waco, Texas


We finished out the month of July with Jonathan & Jennah’s wedding day. Jennah is the sister to one of our previous J&M Grooms, TJ (see TJ & Holley’s wedding day here!). It was so much fun to be back with the Goedeke family for another wedding!

When it came time to plan Jennah’s wedding, she & her mom thought it would be wonderful to have a Christmas wedding. You may remember Jennah’s love for Christmas from her & Jonathan’s Christmas lights and ornament engagement photo session we did back in December! But the timeline for planning a December wedding didn’t work out with Jennah’s schedule as a school teacher. So they came up with the next best thing, a wedding theme of Christmas in July!

Jonathan & Jennah chose Tucker Hall as the perfect venue for their wedding, and transformed it into a navy, red and gold celebration of Christmas. The tables were decorated with red, blue and gold ornaments. Instead of a guestbook, Jonathan & Jennah asked guests to sign ornaments to hang on their Christmas tree for their first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. And everyone left the evening with their own keepsake ornament to commemorate Jonathan & Jennah’s big day.

The Christmas in July theme wasn’t the only memorable thing from Jonathan & Jennah’s wedding. There were so many memorable little moments throughout the day, the type of moments you want to hold on to forever.

There was the excitement of all Jennah’s bridesmaids as they waited to turn around and see her in her dress for the first time. And the different reactions her brothers and father had to her were priceless too. 

There were the sweet moments Jonathan had with his mom right before the ceremony and during their mother and son dance. And watching Jennah dance with her dad, and then brothers showed how close of a bond they all have.

There were all the moments of Jonathan looking at Jennah with such love in his eyes throughout the ceremony. And hearing him share his own personal vows to her after they shared their traditional wedding vows touched everyone’s hearts.

And as the sun set and the celebration came to an end, Jonathan & Jennah left their wedding surrounded by their loved ones, running through a sparkler exit to start their new life together.

Dear Jonathan & Jennah,

We were so honored to a be a part of your wedding day. We hope these wedding photos help you remember exactly how you felt on this special day every time you look at them. May you have many happy years of slow dancing together ahead of you.

Love, J&M


Venue | Tucker Hall

Rentals | Action Rentals

DJ | HT Productions

Baker | Shannon York

Caterer | La Fiesta

Hair and Makeup | Sherry Fair

Philip & Hailey | Rainy Engagement Portraits in Cameron Park | Waco, Texas

A couple embraces near Brazos River in Cameron Park in Waco, Texas during the engagement photos - Jason & Melaina Photography -

Philip & Hailey were so excited to have their engagement photos taken in Cameron Park. Not only is it a beautiful location right in the heart of Waco, but it holds a special meaning for them. Philip took Hailey up to Lovers Leap for their first date, and that special spot is where their love story began.

So when we were all deciding where to tell their love story in their engagement portraits session, we knew we had to end up at Lover’s Leap!

As we were watching the weather that week (like we always do), we saw there was a 20% chance of rain the evening of the photo shoot. 20% hardly ever amounts to anything, so we went ahead as scheduled. But this one time, things didn’t turn out like we all expected!

We chose one of our favorite little nooks near the Bosque River as our starting location. We ran Philip & Hailey through our posing technique, and got them set up for a photo. Jason started getting into place to take their photo, and I was standing on the edge of the river. I looked out and saw rain coming down far off, but noticed it was coming our way quickly. Soon rain drops began to make little circles on the river near us. And then suddenly, it was a downpour!

Philip, Hailey, and I huddled under our lighting umbrella, while Jason ran to hide under tree cover and keep the gear dry. For the next 15 minutes, it rained so hard that rain was blowing sideways across the river. We watched kayakers who were stuck out in the middle of the river frantically paddle to get over to the opposite shore from us. We all hunkered down until it passed, and while we tried our best to keep Philip & Hailey dry, they still got partially soaked.

And then just as quickly as it came, the rain was gone. The sun broke through the clouds. The trees hung with rain drops. The woods of Cameron Park had a misty quality to them. And Philip & Hailey were still game to go on with the engagement session. We all laughed as huge raindrops would fall from the tree limbs above and audibly land on Philip or Hailey’s head as we continued in the photo shoot.

We all dried off and loaded up to drive to Lover’s Leap. Once there, we were rewarded with a spectacular view of the clearing (and approaching) rain clouds as they hung over Waco. As we walked up, Philip pointed out to us the bench they sat on when they first declared their affections for one another.

We were able to photograph these two Sweethearts in their special spot, recreating the magic that hung in the air the evening they started their story together. And after we finished up the session, Jason & I got in our car and drove away, taking one last look at these Sweethearts sitting on “their bench,” watching the storm clouds roll in.

Close up on a bride’s opal stone engagement ring during her engagement photos in Cameron Park - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A couple walk hand-in-hand down a rain-soaked road during their engagement session in Cameron Park - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A bride-to-be laughs with her fiance as they are standing in the rain during their engagement photos in Cameron Park - Jason & Melaina Photography -
An engagement session in the rain at Cameron Park in Waco, Texas - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A bride-to-be tries to keep from laughing at her fiance while he jokes with her during her engagement photos - Jason & Melaina Photography -
Post-rain clouds lit by sunset fill the sky behind a couple during their engagement photos - Jason & Melaina Photography -
A man kisses his fiance’s head as they sit on stone steps together in Cameron Park - Jason & Melaina Photography -

Dear Philip & Hailey,

It was definitely a memorable photo session with y’all! But even without the rain, it would have been memorable. You two are so sweet to one another, and watching you together makes us excited for your future.

Love, J&M

A couple holds hands as the sun sets behind them - Jason & Melaina Photography -