Anthony & Julie | Asheville, NC Wedding at Homewood | Destination Wedding Photographer

Every single one of our J&M Sweethearts are special to us. Seriously, we have been beyond blessed with some amazing couples who end up feeling more like friends. But these Sweethearts right here hold an extra special place in our hearts because the bride is Jason’s baby sister.

All of Jason’s siblings lived not only in the same state, but the same area of Texas...until 2 years ago. That’s when Julie followed her adventurous heart and bestie, Morgan, to Asheville, North Carolina. While we were sad to see her go, because a 16+ hour car ride one-way to visit is no joke, we were excited for the adventure she was beginning. And what an adventure!

Julie began attending a great church and got plugged into a small group she really loved. And there was this boy in the small group named Anthony. They began dating and we heard rumors things were getting serious, but we knew for sure when Julie brought Anthony home to Texas for Christmas. Because like I said before, a 16+ hour drive one-way is no joke, and spending Christmas with your girlfriend’s family is a big deal. Bless Anthony’s heart, he met and was asked a million questions by our entire family. But not only did he survive, he fit right in, like he was meant to be there all along. And as soon as they were back home in Asheville, Anthony made it official by proposing to Julie with one of the most romantic rings I’ve seen.

As Julie and Anthony began planning their wedding, Julie called us one day and asked us if we would be her wedding photographers. We could not have been more honored. We recognize the significance of our role in telling the love story of each of our couples, but to be the permanent record-keeper of the intimate moments of your baby sister’s wedding? The honor is unreal. Their wedding was a family affair, with Jason’s other sister, Jenna, making all the bouquets, boutonnieres, floral arrangements, and even the chocolate cake for the bride and groom. Jenna’s husband, Brian, provided Julie and Anthony’s favorite beers from his brewery, BS Brewing. Anthony’s sister, Ashley, played and sang during the ceremony. And every single niece and nephew under the age of 10 was invited to be flower girls and ring bearers...and they all made it down the aisle!

We could go on and on about this wedding. The way Anthony’s good friend who served as DJ was able to mix in DC Talk, old-school Whitney Houston, and club mixes to keep everyone on the dance floor. How friends from Asheville and Texas alike celebrated the couple and couldn’t wait to take selfies with them. How the venue, Homewood, provided such a beautiful garden area for the ceremony and a gorgeous reception hall with wood flooring, a large stone fireplace, and large windows. (It was like getting married in a castle!) How Anthony & Julie’s wedding was romantic, beautiful, perfectly them, and just so fun!
But maybe we’ll just let the images tell the story.


Anthony & Julie,

What can we say? We love you both and are praying for such happiness and joy in your marriage. May your love grow deeper with each passing day, and may grace grow deeper still as you learn to be spouses to one another. We can't wait to see the adventures in store for you both.

Love, J&M

Anthony & Julie's Amazing Wedding Vendors

Venue | Homewood

Caterer | Caroline Allured Catering

Coordinator | Nikki Leonard of Carolina Love Events

Musicians | David MacIness and Ashley Kirby

DJ | Darnell Bailey

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Matt & Ashlee | Moon River Ranch Wedding

When we first met Matt and Ashlee, I was struck by the ease of their relationship. They seemed so in sync with one another, so at ease in who they were as individuals and how that shaped them as a couple. It was as if we were in the presence of an old-married-couple, but in the best way possible. Over drinks at Starbucks we learned they were high school sweethearts who had grown up together in a small town outside of Waco. "Of course!" I thought. They've already invested years into this relationship, no wonder they seem so perfectly matched. As we spent time with them over coffee, and at their engagement shoot, it just became more apparent we were in the presence of a real-deal, forever kind of love.

What was truly heart-warming about being able to photograph Matt and Ashlee's love on their wedding day was that this love radiated to all who were there. Not only was it obvious Matt loved Ashlee and Ashlee loved Matt, but it was obvious Ashlee's family loved Matt and Matt's family loved Ashlee. The bridesmaids were clearly deep friends with a special place in their heart for Ashlee, and the groomsmen were solid friends who cared for Matt like a brother. Everyone loved everyone, and was so excited to share in the celebration of Matt and Ashlee's love. Being able to be in that kind of love for a day makes our role as wedding photographers that much more meaningful and inspiring.

And when such heart-felt, obvious love is being showcased in as gorgeous a venue as Moon River Ranch? Well, that's just a recipe for magic.

Moon River Ranch is one of our favorite places to shoot, and not just because it has so many beautiful areas to offer. (But seriously, it has so many beautiful places!) We get excited when our #JandMsweethearts tell us they booked Moon River Ranch because it usually means the majority of the wedding party, family and close friends will be staying on the property for the weekend. So when we arrive early in the morning of the wedding day, all the most important people in our bride and groom's lives have been together already for half a weekend, building a camaraderie we could never manufactured. Then we just get to be inspired by the friendship and love before us, with the backdrop of gorgeous pecan groves and picturesque barns and chapels and rivers.

It's the best. 

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Brewster! It was an honor having you as one of our #JandMsweethearts.

Venue | Moon River Ranch

Decor | Pendley Party Productions

Floral | Wolfe’s Florist

Cake | All Sugar’d Up

DJ | Broken Spoke Entertainment

Hair and Makeup | London Wilson from Salon Karen

Bride’s Dress | Cloud 9 Bridal

Bridesmaids’ Dresses | David’s Bridal

Tuxes | Men’s Warehouse

Planner and Coordinator | Donna Roach


Trevor & Stormy | Sweet Home, TX

Let me tell you about this girl right here.

Stormy was my (Melaina) roommate my final year of college, and though that year was a stressful haze of 18 hours of classes a semester and being way over-committed, I have some super fun memories with her. Like how Stormy sewed individual slip covers for every cushion on our ugly old couch to make our space more beautiful. How she let me draw her portrait for one of my theater class assignments and didn't laugh in my face when it looked like a 2nd grader had drawn her picture. And I will forever be grateful to her for introducing me to all six glorious hours of the BBC's Pride and Prejudice with Mr. Colin Firth.

Over the years since college we've seen each other occasionally but mostly remained connected through social media. Then one day we received an email from Stormy, asking if we'd be interested in shooting her wedding to her love, Trevor.

Um, YES!

Trevor and Stormy's wedding was beautiful and fun and so them. They were married in the breath-taking Catholic church they had attended as children in their hometown of Sweet Home, Texas. For the first half of their reception, they honored their Czech roots with trays and trays of kolaches and a polka band (A POLKA BAND!). And they danced the night away with their friends before driving off to their new life together.

Congratulations once again, Mr. and Mrs. Seekamp. Thank you so much for the honor of telling this chapter of your love story.  It was a blast!