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Meet Jason & Melaina

A little over 10 years ago, we went on our first date. (Though the actual anniversary of said date depends on who you ask and how you define the word "date.") After dating for 1 1/2 years, Jason proposed and Melaina said "Are you serious?!?" and we began planning our wedding. Because we knew our wedding photography would be the one permanent record of every important moment of our wedding day, we knew picking our wedding photographers was the most important planning decision we would make. So we did the research and found a husband-and-wife team who were talented and a great fit for our vision. And when we look back on the images from our wedding (and share some on Instagram from time to time), we are so glad we invested in capturing those moments to relive forever.

So we know where you're at. You're still reeling from the excitement of the proposal, but you're also realizing just how many decisions need to be made to bring your wedding day dreams into reality. We would love nothing more than to help you make the best decision for you.

We have 4 years of experience in wedding photography. We use our degrees in journalism, photography, theater directing, and ministry to strengthen our ability to serve our J&M Sweethearts. We formed and lead the Waco Wedding Professionals, a networking group of over 300 wedding vendors in the Central Texas area. And we continue to push ourselves to learn more and create more in order to be better at what we do.

But most importantly, we want to meet you and serve you. We want to hear your story. We want to learn your dreams and plans for your wedding day. We want to determine if we fit into those dreams and can serve you well on one of the most important days of your life. And when all that falls into place, we want to call you one of our J&M Sweethearts, and do everything within our power to freeze time and memorialize your love story for you, your children and your grandchildren. 



5 things to know about jason

- My favorite tea is Earl Grey.

- I like to listen to audio books while I drink my Earl Grey tea.

- I listened to the entire Wheel of Time series in audio book form, that's how much I love audio books. 

- A dream of mine is to sail with our family from the US to the Mediterranean on a catamaran sailboat. 

- I'm really good at finding places to hide when I play hide-and-seek with my daughters.

5 things to know about melaina

- If I could do anything beside photography, I'd be a writer (but why would I want to stop photography?)

- I wish I had a beautiful voice and could be on Broadway, but alas, I was not gifted in this way. Just belting out Hamilton alone in my living room for me.

- I consider it a disappointment if a whole day passes and I don't eat chocolate.

- The fact the ocean is deep enough to hide a massive blue whale freaks me out.

- I'm a little late to the Gilmore Girls party since I just watched all the seasons this past year. But, man, AM I ON BOARD NOW! 



All images of Jason & Melaina courtesy of the amazing Powley Photo.